It’s Not Too Late for A Flu Shot

Jennifer Barrett



Sandy, UT - It’s not too late for a flu shot. That’s the message from Alta View pediatrician Mark Valentine, MD.
Utah, like the rest of the nation, is getting hit hard by the influenza virus. Symptoms might include fever, tiredness, muscle aches, cough, sore throat, and even a little diarrhea.
Dr. Valentine has some advice for parents:
“Rest is one of the best medicines for the flu. People who are well-rested before getting sick, or who get a lot of rest early in their illness, seem to recover faster,” he says.
He encourages parents to contact their pediatricians if a child isn’t getting better after a week, or if they seem too sick to eat. Some patients can develop secondary infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis after having influenza.
He's recommending the flu vaccine to all his families. “The current vaccine covers a couple of strains of influenza. So even if you think you’ve had the flu, you still might benefit from a shot.”
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