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Tournament Play Rules

4 Person Scramble Format

Four person scramble format is designed for FAST PLAY. 


1. All four players tee off from designated tee markers - men from the white, and women from the red.  Select the best tee shot.

2. All four players play their next stroke from the position of the selected shot.  Repeat this process until the ball is holed out and record gross score.

3. You must have at least a three-person team to be eligible for tournament prizes.  Three-person teams may ask the registration desk to assign another golfer to your team or they will have to use the total score of the three-person team.

4. Players may lift, clean, and place their balls within one club length of the selected shot; no closer to the hole as the ball must remain in the same situation (i.e. a ball in a hazard must remain in the hazard).

5. Please use proper golf etiquette. Fix your ball marks on the greens and replace all divots.

6. Keep the play moving as quickly as possible.

7. Final score ties: In the event of a tie for first place, a scorecard playoff will determine the winner.  The lowest score recorded, beginning from the most difficult rated hole will be used, and continued until a winner is determined.  In the event of a tie for closest to the hole and straightest or longest drive contests, a coin-flip will be used to determine the winner.

8. Mulligan card rules: Mulligans cannot be used for hole-in-one contests.  Two mulligan cards per player maximum.  Mulligans must be noted on the scorecard with an * and turned in with the scorecard.  Mulligans must be used before team moves forward to next shot position.  Mulligans are not transferable and not refundable.

Contests and Games

Contest Package (purchase your contest package at check-in).  Package is $50.00 and includes the following:
  • Skee Ball (Chipping Contest)-three chances
  • “P” Putting Contest-three chances
  • "Long Drive by a Pro" (Golf Pro Ryan Reisbeck will be on hand to hit your drive for you!)
  • Two Mulligans
  • 10 Opportunity Drawing Tickets


Hole Contests

  • Hole in One
  • Men’s Longest Drive
  • Ladies Longest Drive
  • Men’s Closest to the Hole
  • Ladies Closest to the Hole
  • Men’s Longest Putt
  • Ladies Longest Putt


Ogden Golf and Country Club Rules and Policies

The following dress code applies to all members, their family and their guests:

  • Members, and their family and guests, are expected to dress in good taste while using the Club.
  • Frayed or torn clothing, halter-tops or strapless tops will not be allowed in the Clubhouse.
  • Shorts and denim are allowed in all areas of the Clubhouse.  Patrons must be dressed in traditional golf attire or better.  
  • On the tennis courts, players will be required to wear tennis shoes and appropriate tennis attire.  No denim or cut-offs are allowed and shirts will be worn at all times.

Golfers will also adhere to the following “golfer’s attire” requirements:

  • All players shall be attired in neat, clean, presentable and appropriate clothing and wear appropriate spikeless​ golfing footwear.
  • Male players will wear collared golfing shirts, crewnecks or turtlenecks under sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and other outer wear. Shirts must be tucked into pants.
  • Female players may wear collarless tops, shirts or blouses but may not wear halter-tops or midriffs.
  • Players will not be allowed to wear denim, jogging shorts, cut-offs, gym shorts or swim wear.
  • Golfing shorts will be of appropriate length and appearance. The Director of Golf shall interpret this rule when a question of suitability is raised

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Photography Disclosure: McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation takes photographs and videos during its meetings and events for use in advertising, newsletters and other promotional materials including: print, website, and other electronic media.  By participating in this event you grant McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation the right to use your image and name for such purposes.