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About Trevor

On February 15, 2011, Trevor came home from school with a headache. He took a nap, and when his mom got home from work they decided to exercise. On his 5th push-up, Trevor started to scream that his head hurt. His mom took him in his room and tried to help him relax, but his headache got worse. Soon, he lost feeling in and the ability to move his legs. Trevor’s parents decided it was time to get him to the hospital. When they stood him up to get him to the car, he passed out and wasn’t breathing. Trevor’s mom began rescue breaths while his dad called 911. When the paramedics arrived, they realized how serious his condition was and called Life Flight to fly him to Primary Children’s Hospital.

Trevor had been born with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which means an artery is connected to a vein without capillaries in between to slow the blood flow. While he and his mom were doing push-ups, too much blood overwhelmed a vein in the back of his brain, and it burst. It resulted in swelling and blood on his brain. He received emergency surgery, followed by two more brain surgeries, and then spent two weeks in a medically-induced comma. Trevor was in the hospital for a total of 73 days.  He spent 70 of those days working with Primary Children's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialists in intense rehabilitation.

Trevor is a great kid. He is hard-working, funny, caring, and he loves to be active. His favorite sport is football, and he knows more about it than anyone we know.


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