Intermountain's Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews proposed research protocols to protect human subjects involved in research within the Intermountain Healthcare system as well as protocols involving human biological material and protected health information.

IRB is responsible for the following: 

  • The review and approval of applications to conduct research involving human subjects.
  • Continuing review of approved protocols.
  • Monitoring of reported adverse events involving subjects in approved protocols.
  • Assuring and facilitating the ethical conduct of biomedical research involving human subjects.

IRB submissions are accepted online through the Research Management System, RMS at Users must have an Intermountain LDAP login and password to access the application internally and externally. Call or e-mail the Office of Research to obtain a login.

Intermountain's IRBs are organized by region. Contact information, schedules, and rosters are available below:

Intermountain Healthcare - Corporate Wide (CW) IRB

(Oversees research conducted in multiple regions, Privacy Board, Medical Group, Urban South Region, Urban North Region, Rural Region, and Primary Children's Medical Center)
Y. Elaine Skinner-Ntiri: (801) 408-6780 or

Amanda Borba: (801) 408-1723 or

CW Meeting Schedule    CW Roster

Urban Central Region (UCR) IRB

Wendy Drecksel: (801) 408-6781 or

Anita Pascoe: (801) 408-6782 or

UCR Meeting Schedule    UCR Roster

Urban North Region (UNR) IRB   *NOTE: the UNR IRB Activity transferred to the Corporate Wide IRB effective 1/1/2012. Please contact Anita Pascoe for questions regarding the transition.

Anita Pascoe: (801) 408-6782 or

Privacy Board

Amanda Borba: (801) 408-1723 or

Shelby Moench, IRB Manager

(801) 408-6778 or

Human Subjects Research Education Certificate

The IRB requires documentation of human subjects research training as the result of an NIH Mandate passed on June 5, 2000. The mandate has been embraced by many Federal agencies, as a result all Intermountain researchers and key research personnel must submit documentation of human subjects research training for any project that involves human subjects (for full board or expedited reviews). The NIH defines key study personnel as those responsible for the design and conduct of the study (The NIH guidance is available at,

The Office of Research accepts one of two education programs, the NIH or the CITI Human Subjects Research Training. The NIH training is available online at the following link, The CITI Training is available online at,

IRB Fee Schedule

IRB Fee Schedule

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