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Mary Dillon - Grateful patient, generous donor

In early 2010, following an unfortunate fall and the severe fracturing of her C2 neck vertebra, Mary Dillon's active life was immediately put on hold. As a patient of Intermountain Homecare for 3 long months, Mary endured a difficult road to recovery. Through the entire process, Mary was helped along the way by the compassion and skill of her physical and occupational therapists, registered nurses, and certified nursing assistants. 

To recognize the care she received, Mary sent a thoughtful letter of appreciation, along with an extremely generous contribution to the Foundation for Homecare & Hospice. 

"I'm writing now to express my appreciation for not only the physical but the emotional support I received during that ordeal. I want to thank the staff for their professionalism, warmth, and concern, and for making me laugh. I'm enclosing this check to show my appreciation."

Thank you Mary for your generosity and for the opportunity to help you in your recovery.