Executive Health Exams

Thanks to medical science, we are living longer. Some primary reasons are preventive maintenance, screening for early signs of illness, and monitoring overall fitness—areas our LiVe Well Center experts specialize in. In short, they can help you reach your healthiest potential.

The Executive Health Exam is the signature service of the LiVe Well Center. With this exam, patients receive an overall benchmark of their current health and fitness in a timely manner as well as a "roadmap" for maintaining their health in the future. The Executive Health Exam screens for early signs of illness, monitors overall fitness and provides preventive maintenance to help patients reach their healthiest potential. At the end of their appointment patients are given educational materials for health maintenance reference and instruction from a physician on how to utilize this reference.

Benefits of the Executive Health Exam:

  • Screens for and detects life-threatening diseases while still treatable
  • Decreases healthcare costs
  • Maximizes productivity
  • Improves quality of life and longevity

LiVe Well Center clients also benefit from:

  • Access to the expertise and facilities of LDS Hospital
  • A thorough benchmark of overall health and fitness
  • Private, personalized consultations
  • All tests completed in an unhurried environment
  • Results given in a 6 hour period
  • A location 15 minutes from Salt Lake International Airport
  • World-class lodging, resorts, and recreation nearby

Executive Health Examination

This is the most complete, comprehensive physical examination you are likely to ever experience. Highlights of the evaluation include:

  • Head-to-toe physical examination by a board-certified physician
  • Comprehensive blood and urine tests with results explained the same day
  • Diagnostic treadmill exercise EKG test supervised by a board-certified cardiologist
  • Orthopedic evaluation and a personal exercise prescription by a physical therapist
  • Nutrition consultation by a registered dietitian to establish your caloric needs
  • State-of-the art body composition analysis to assess your percent of body fat versus lean body tissue
  • Lung function test to screen for asthma or other obstructive and restrictive lung diseases
  • Lifestyle assessment to review physical activity, stress, nutrition, and periodic health checks

You will also receive:

  • A Thorough review of the day’s results
  • A copy of all tests and recommendations
  • The book “An Owner’s Manual for the Human Body”
  • Prescriptions and referrals (i.e. colonoscopy) when appropriate

Other Recommended Health Screening Tests

Additional health screening tests are recommended based on age, gender, symptoms, and risk factors:

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