Sports Performance & Sports Medicine

Our sports performance services provide physiological and biomechanical assessments to maximize training and improve performance.

Assessments include:

Many of these individual services are currently being offered through The Avenues Running Lab, also located at the Health & Fitness Institute.

Sports medicine consultations are available for health issues that relate to maintaining regular activity or musculoskeletal function. Sports medicine specialists can help individuals remain active and meet their competitive or recreational goals.

The Avenues Running Lab

The Sports Medicine Specialty Group is proud to have a Running Lab location at the LiVe Well Center.

You can become a better runner in less time with fewer injuries. Now you have access to the same tools and techniques used by today's elite runners. Whether you would like to start running or you are training for a marathon or Ironman, we can help you improve your skills and stay injury-free.

What You Get at The Running Lab:

We treat you to the following 90 minute evaluation that will help you improve your running abilities:

  • Video Stride Analysis: a state-of-the-art video analysis of your form and motion mechanics with live feedback that will help you take your skills to the next level
  • Musculoskeletal Functional Analysis: an in-depth measurement of your form, strength and joint flexibility to guide your injury-prevention and performance plans, as well as your footwear choices
  • Fitness and Training Analysis: a VO2 max or lactate assessment to establish a fitness baseline and direct us as we tailor key training recommendations specifically for you

Contact Information

To schedule an appointment with The Avenues Running Lab please call: 801-408-1396.

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