Weight Management

Our weight management services include the Weigh to Health Nutrition Program, Medical Weight Management, and Surgical Weight Management.

The Weigh to Health Nutrition Program and Medical Weight Managment provide non-surgical weight management support.

Weight to Health Nutrition Program

Our weight management services include Intermountain Healthcare's "Weigh to Health" nutrition program. This program is for overweight adults who want to lose weight and improve their health. Program participants can opt for either individual counseling or the group course.

Individual Counseling

The individual program consists of the following five personalized sessions with a registered dietitian trained in weight management:

  • An initial in-depth session to evaluate your diet, lifestyle history, nutrition status, knowledge, and habits
  • Four follow-up sessions to help you create and follow a personal plan for nutrition, activity, and behavior changes

Your individual counseling program will also include these features:

  • Goal setting and tracking to achieve overall weight loss goals
  • A support system and regular reporting structure to encourage success
  • The ability to schedule appointments at your pace to reinforce the skills and knowledge needed to implement your personal plan

Group Course

The group course consists of 12 weekly 90-minute classes taught by a registered dietitian, with guest instructors, such as an exercise specialist, behavior specialist, and chef. During classes, participants will:

  • Develop personal goals using eating style and exercise assessment tools
  • Learn to manage nutrition, activity, and behavior
  • Track intake and exercise
  • Cover the following topics:
            - Nutrition
            - Exercise
            - Meal planning
            - Emotional eating
            - Label reading
            - Positive self-talk
            - Intuitive eating
            - Behavior modification
            - Stress management
            - Shopping on a budget
            - Healthy cooking
            - Eating out
            - Physical activity ideas

Contact Information

Total payment is required in advance for either the individual counseling or group course options. Pre-registration is highly encouraged as class enrollment is limited and classes fill quickly. To pre-register, please contact LDS Hospital at 801-507-3253.

Medical Weight Management

Medical Weight Management is physician-directed and individualizes weight management strategies to each patient’s needs. Regular visits with the doctor and members of the healthy lifestyle development team allow for maximum support while losing weight. Services may be covered by insurance.

Surgical Weight Management

Surgical Weight Management includes bariatric surgery to help manage weight and reduce disease and complications. The LiVe Well Center collaborates with skilled, board-certified surgeons to offer this service when other weight management strategies have not helped.

Contact Information

For more information on Medical Weight Management and Surgical Weight Management services please call: 801-408-1396

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