Hearing is important for people of all ages. Difficulties with hearing can be caused from something simple like a buildup of ear wax or from an ear infection. There are also plenty of other medical conditions that can be associated with difficulties in hearing. Solving your hearing problems might be as easy as making an appointment with an audiologist.

At Memorial Clinic, we have licensed audiologists with more than 20 years of experience. We have state-of-the-art testing equipment to assist in accurate diagnostic evaluations of your hearing and feature a full range of testing procedures appropriate for infants up to adulthood.

Memorial Clinic also offers the latest in digital hearing instruments. Our clinic is not limited to any single manufacturer, but chooses which brand of hearing aid would be the best for your individual need. In addition to hearing aid dispensation, we can service hearing aids from almost any manufacturer.

Preventing Hearing Loss

One of the only ways we can help you prevent or slow the loss of hearing is by recommending the proper use of ear protection while around loud noise. While short durations of loud impact noise (such as a gun shooting) might only result in a ringing sound in your ears, longer exposure at a moderately high noise level can cause hearing loss.

Any activity that results in a ringing noise in your ears can potentially cause permanent damage. We strongly encourage the use of ear protection when around loud noise. There are many kinds of ear protection, including the squish-and-insert earplugs and earmuffs. At Memorial Clinic, we offer a range of custom-made ear protection products, including musician plugs.

Improving Communication

The most common type of hearing loss is a loss of the higher sound frequencies, which often happens with aging or excessive noise exposure. When someone has high frequency hearing loss, they miss consonants that often come at the beginnings or ends of words, though they can still hear vowels and lower frequency consonants. This results in the “I can hear but can’t understand” complaint.

When speaking to someone with high frequency hearing loss, it is best to face the person and give them visual cue from your lips, face, and gestures. Also, decrease the distance between that person and you. Speaking slowly can also help. These simple steps can make a significant difference in communication.

At Memorial Clinic, we are concerned about your health and your relationships with others. Hearing plays a critical role in your social interactions, so we want to make sure your hearing is at its best.


Comprehensive Audiological Hearing Testing

We work closely with your primary care doctor when we evaluate your hearing to determine if there are medical considerations that need to be addressed. Once we analyze your hearing status, we generate a report on our findings that becomes part of your medical records for your doctor to access.

Memorial Clinic's audiology department utilizes the latest technology to assess your hearing. We are equipped to assess hearing for patients of any age – even infants and children who are too young for conventional audiometric testing. In addition to our otoacoustic emission equipment and middle ear analyzers, we utilize Visual Reinforcement Audiology (VRA) and Condition Play Audiometry (CPA), two techniques developed specifically to test hearing in infants and children.

Hearing Aids

There are a vast number of hearing aid manufacturers with a wide range of hearing aid options. Although no hearing aid can restore completely normal hearing, we stay abreast of changes in technology to ensure that you can hear as well as possible.

Hearing aid technology is constantly changing. Some of the latest advancements have enabled hearing aids to be fit without occluding or plugging the ear canal. This results in a much more natural sound and normal voice quality. Our hearing aids come with a 45-day trial period to give you the opportunity to try the hearing aid without making a commitment to buy it.

Hearing Aid Repair

Our audiology department has relationships with all the name brand hearing aid manufacturers. This allows us to be able to service most hearing aids, even if they were purchased from another clinic. Many repairs can be performed in our Salt Lake City office for no charge. However, if your hearing aid does require service from the factory, we will keep the costs to a minimum.

Ototoxic Monitoring

Life-threatening infections and aggressive treatment for cancer sometimes require doctors to utilize medications which can potentially damage hearing. Our otoacoustic emission equipment is the gold standard for monitoring changes to the auditory system, and can often detect problems before they become observable in conventional hearing testing. Early detection can allow physicians to alter treatments and preserve hearing.

Salt Lake City audiology patient needing hearing aids 
Our audiology services include advanced testing, ototoxic monitoring, and hearing aid repair.

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