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Intermountain Healthcare provides training opportunities in its clinical and business facilities according to the training required. All training requests are coordinated by an Intermountain Student Placement Coordinator.

The following items must be completed and verified (checklist) before a training experience can begin. These items are subject to the type of training experience needed and the assigned Intermountain location.
- Training agreement
Student pre-requisites 
- Orientation (as noted below)

National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSH) instructions and reporting requirements for students:
- Instructions
- NHSN form

Training in a Clinical Facility


  • Orientation for students/trainees assigned to a clinical facility is provided: 1) by organization (general); 2) by facility; and 3) by department. 
  • Orientation is under the direction of a school representative or Intermountain supervisor as noted in our student orientation guideline.
  • Intermountain maintains documentation of completed orientation.

General Orientation

Orientation materials are found under each student/trainee type noted below.

Facility Orientation

Information found in the facility orientation booklet is specific to each Intermountain hospital or service area.

Department Orientation

A department checklist must be completed for each department, clinic or service area the student is assigned. The Intermountain department supervisor or preceptor will assist with this orientation.
- Hospital department orientation
- Hospital department orientation - multiple units
- Clinic orientation
- Homecare orientation 

Student/Trainee Types

Training in a Business Facility

Central office


Lake Park

Supply Chain Center

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