Founded in 1939 and located approximately 40 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center has become a 400-bed referral health care facility serving Utah County, and central and southern Utah.
Providing health care to patients from both rural and urban areas provides for a diverse pharmacy practice, and offers unique challenges to the student and professional.
Pharmacy services cover specialty areas commonly found in medium to large health care facilities; however, significant emphasis is also placed on family practice, cardiology, and newborn intensive care.

Residency Requirements

  • Complete 3 core and 6 elective rotations
  • Staff 32 hours per month on a patient care unit (8 hours every other weekend)
  • Complete a year-long residency project
    • Poster presentation at ASHP’s Midyear Clinical Meeting
    • Podium presentation at an applicable residency conference
  • Present to the system-wide P&T Committee
    • Submit an article for the system-wide newsletter
  • Present two ACPE-accredited CEs to pharmacy staff
  • Participate in twice-monthly resident core curriculum with other Intermountain residents

Additional Teaching Certificate

An additional teaching certificate may be earned by completing the following additional requirements:

  • Develop and present a one hour lecture at a college of pharmacy
  • Lead an active learning exercise at a college of pharmacy
  • Act as primary preceptor for at least one pharmacy student on rotation
  • Participate in select core curriculum assignments related to teaching
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