Graduates of Intermountain Medical Center and LDS Hospital

Transitional Year graduates are in top specialty programs throughout the country.

​​​​​​​​Class of 2014

Randall Ambroz, MD,  University of Nebraska, Radiology – Mayo Clinic Rochester
Colby Bingham, MD,  University of Utah, Dermatology – University of Missouri-Columbia
Christopher “Duke” Duncan, MD, University of Vermont, Radiology – University of Pennsylvania
Eric Fox, MD,  Oregon Health & Sciences University, Anesthesiology – University of Utah
Matthew Hand, MD,  University of Washington, Dermatology – University of Utah
Vance Johnson, MD,  University of Illinois, Anesthesiology – Mayo Clinic Rochester
Lucas Lenci, MD, University of Missouri-Columbia, Ophthalmology – University of Iowa
Andrew Orton, MD,  George Washington University, Radiation Oncology – University of Utah
Bryce Radmall, MD,  University of Utah, Ophthalmology – Oregon Health & Sciences University
Austin Schwab, MD, Virginia Commonwealth University, Anesthesiology – Stanford University
Mitch Tuttle, MD,  George Washington University, Radiology – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Brett Walker, MD,  University of Utah, Radiology – Brigham and Women’s Hospital​

Class of 2013

Erin Andrade, MD, University of Indiana, PM&R - University of Washington
Kevin Casper, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin, Radiology - Mayo Clinic
Julia Curtis, MD, University of Utah, Dermatology - University of Utah
Kevin Dahle, MD, University of Utah, Dermatology - North Carolina, Chapel Hill
David Demill, MD, University of Utah, Ophthalmology - University of Michigan
Benjamin Illum, MD, University of Nevada, Anesthesiology - University of California, San Diego
Shaina Richardson, MD, University of Nevada, Anesthesiology - University of Colorado
Adam Tinklepaugh, MD, George Washington University, Dermatology - Albert Einstein-Montefiore
Wyatt Unger, MD, University of Arizona, Radiology - University of Arizona
Andrew Warren, MD, University of Utah, Radiology - Washington University
Daniel Winchester, MD, University of Utah, Dermatology - Mayo Clinic
Breton Yates, MD, University of Utah, Dermatology - University of Connecticut

Class of 2012

James Allred, MD, University of Utah, Dermatology – University of Texas Southwestern
David Badger, MD, Albert Einstein, Radiology – Johns Hopkins
Garett Frank, MD, University of Kansas, Ophthalmology – University of Colorado
Jennifer Fraser, MD, Duke University, Anesthesiology – University of Utah
George Gilkey, MD, Saint Louis University, Anesthesiology – Mayo Clinic
Ross Hanson, MD, University of Rochester, Anesthesiology – University of Colorado
Nathan Hull, MD, Penn State University, Radiology – Mayo Clinic
Natalie Mackintosh, MD, University of Utah, Anesthesiology – University of Utah
Michael McLaughlin, MD, University of Arkansas, Radiology – University of Utah
Emily McQuaid, MD, University of Rochester, Anesthesiology – University of Colorado
Julia Reid, MD, New York Medical College, Ophthalmology – Ohio State University
Asha Sarma, MD, University of Utah, Radiology – Brigham & Women’s

Class of 2011

Ryne Didier, MD, Oregon Health Sciences, Radiology Oregon Health Sciences University
Andrew Georgi, MD, Yale, Anesthesiology University of Utah
Robert Glazier, MD, Yale, Ophthalmology University of Colorado
Jonathan Grant, MD, UCLA, Radiation Oncology MD Anderson
Jared Johnstun, MD, Drexel, Radiation Oncology Mayo Clinic Rochester
Justin Kaptuch, MD, University of Connecticut, Radiology University of Utah
Justin LeBlanc, MD, North Dakota, Radiology Cleveland Clinic
Garrett Lowe, MD, University of Utah, Dermatology Mayo Clinic Rochester
Cynthia Newberry, MD, University of Utah, Anesthesiology University of Utah
David Smart, MD, MC Wisconsin, Dermatology University of Illinois Chicago
Melanie Wong, MD, SUNY Downstate, Dermatology SUNY Downstate
Brad Wright, MD, University of Utah, Radiology University of Utah

Class of 2010

Daniel M. Adams, MD, Tufts, Radiology
Christian Becker, MD, MC Wisconsin, Anesthesiology Utah 
Aaron P. Brown, MD, Utah, Radiation Oncology MD Anderson 
Michael L. Bullard, MD, Iowa, Ophthalmology Michigan 
Ryan C. Craner, MD, Utah, Anesthesiology Mayo-Scottsdale 
Laura A. Gadzala, MD, Michigan, Ophthalmology Oregon Health Sciences 
Sasha N. Jenkins, MD, North Carolina, Dermatology Emory 
Benjamin F. Johnson, MD, Utah, Anesthesiology Utah 
Jeff A. McKenzie, MD, Mayo, Anesthesiology Duke 
Suresh Raman, MD, Nevada, Anesthesiology Utah 
Ryan C. Teeple, MD, Arizona, Ophthalmology University of Texas, Southwestern 
Lindsay H. Wilson, MD, Utah, Dermatology Utah 

Class of 2009

Zoe Amos, MD, University of Utah, Radiology University of Utah 
Brandon Barney, MD, University of Utah, Radiology/Oncology Mayo
Michael Bradshaw, MD, Wisconsin, Dermatology University of Rochester, New York 
Chad Christiansen, MD, Wisconsin, Anesthesiology University of Utah 
Jacob Elkins, MD, Utah, Radiology Mayo 
Elena Jelsing, MD, Mayo, PM&R Mayo-Rochester
Jeffry Maxwell, MD, Duke, Radiology University of Washington in St. Louis 
Stephen Preece, MD, Johns Hopkins, Radiology Duke 
Kurtis Reed, MD, Mayo, Dermatology Mayo 
Aaron Shinkle, MD, Mayo, Anesthesiology University of Alabama 
Jill Sindt, MD, Colorado, Anesthesiology University of Utah 
Sandy Zhang-Nunes, MD, Johns Hopkins, Ophthalmology UCLA 

Class of 2008

Jared Whiting Allen, MD, UCLA, Radiology Washington University
Daniel Ashton, MD, University of Texas at San Antonio Radiology University of Texas at San Antonio
Brooks Albert Bahr, MD, University of Utah, Dermatology USC
Dawn Lowman Baker, MD, University of Utah, Anesthesiology University of Utah
Jason P. Brinton, MD, Harvard, Ophthalmology University of Iowa
Danielle Erin Eckart, MD, New Mexico, Radiology University of Utah
Keith L. Elliott, MD, Loma Linda, Anesthesiology University of Utah
Kathryn Louise Everton, MD, University of Utah, Radiology Duke University
Rachel Anne Koll, MD, Creighton, Anesthesiology University of Utah
Adam Read Taintor, MD, University of Utah, Dermatology Medical College of Wisconsin
Clifford C. Tom, MD, Colorado, Anesthesiology University of California San Diego
Nicole S. Winkler, MD, University of Utah, Radiology University of Utah

Class of 2007

Stuart Berry, MD, Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Radiology Harbor UCLA
Jeremy Biggs, MD, University of Utah School of Medicine, PM&R University of Utah
Anya Chandler, MD, University of Vermont College of Medicine, Anesthesia University of Utah
Matthew Donaldson, MD, University of Utah School of Medicine, Dermatology Texas Tech University
Josh Garcia, MD, University of Utah School of Medicine, Radiology University of Arizona
Jason Hadley, MD, Emory University School of Medicine, Dermatology University of Utah
Jessica Kentish, MD, University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Anesthesia Stanford University
Janice Kim, MD, University of Washington School of Medicine, Anesthesia OHSU
Joseph McNally, MD, Emory University School of Medicine, Radiology University of Utah
Ryan Rowberry, MD, George Washington University School of Medicine, Anesthesia Mayo Clinic
Marie Tuttle, MD, University of Utah School of Medicine, Dermatology Case Western University
Michael Walker, MD, University of Tennessee College of Medicine, Radiology University of Indiana

Class of 2006

Peter W. Bailey, MD, Medical College of Georgia, PM&R Mayo Clinic
Kale D. Bodily, MD, Mayo Clinic, Radiology Mayo Clinic
Erica S. Hamant, MD, University of Iowa, Dermatology University of Iowa
Greg R. Jacobsen, MD, Medical College of Ohio, Dermatology Geisinger
Daniel N. Johnson, MD, Duke University, Radiology University of Washington
Keli M. Kwok, MD, University of Utah, ER Medicine Boston University
Allison C. Long, MD, University of Colorado, Anesthesiology University of Colorado
David E. Morgan, MD, University of Colorado, Anesthesiology University of Utah
Trevor J. Pitsch, MD, University of Wisconsin, Anesthesiology Oregon Health Sciences University
Michael T. Preece, MD, University of Utah, Radiology Massachusetts General Hospital
Robert M. Saltzmann, MD, Northwestern University, Ophthalmology University of Texas, Southwestern
Joel T. VanderLugt, MD, Wayne State University, Radiology Indiana University

Class of 2005

Lucas Bingham, MD, Mayo Clinic, Dermatology Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Todd Call, MD, Mayo Clinic, Anesthesiology George Washington University
Karen Conner, MD, Stanford University, Radiology University of California Los Angeles
Melissa Covington, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Anesthesia University of Rochester
Nathan Hanson, MD, Texas Tech University, Dermatology University of Utah
Nicole Jeffreys, MD, University of Michigan, Anesthesiology University of Utah
Joshua Knowlton, MD, University of Wisconsin, Radiology University of Utah
Jared Parker, MD, University of Michigan, Ophthalmology University of Utah
Erin Rose, MD, Duke University, Anesthesiology University of Nebraska
Michael Wagner, MD, Stanford University, Anesthesiology University of Arizona

Class of 2004

Adam Bowman, MD, Tulane University, Ophthalmology University of Virginia
Heather DeVore, MD, University of Michigan, Emergency Medicine University of California at Los Angeles
Benjamin Gordon, MD, Wake Forest University, Radiology University of Utah
Ramona Gupta, MD, University of Arkansas, Radiology Emory University
Jason Hansen, MD, University of Utah, Dermatology University of Iowa
Katherine Hartl, MD, University of California at San Diego, Ophthalmology Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Jeremy Hopkin, MD, University of Utah, Radiology Dartmouth University
Colin Jones, MD, University of Alberta, Radiology University of Texas
Rachel Pruyn-Goldstein, MD, University of California at San Francisco, Radiology University of Utah
Rustin Ross, MD, University of Utah, Dermatology Brown University

Class of 2003

Marlon Dean Black, MD, Georgetown University, Radiology Loma Linda University
George Cannon, MD, University of Utah, Radiology Washington University
Brandon Dial, MD, Georgetown University, Anesthesia University of Utah
Jeff Grossman, MD, University of Texas, Radiology University of Colorado
Bryan Harris, MD, University of Utah, Anesthesia UC San Diego
Jennifer Layman, MD, University of Utah, Anesthesia  University of Utah
Adam Maxfield, MD, University of Colorado, Radiology Mayo Clinic
Christopher Roach, MD, Ohio State, Radiology University of Nebraska
John Robison, MD, Virginia Commonwealth, Dermatology University of Rochester
Joshua Zimmerman, MD, Indiana University, Anesthesia University of Utah​​​​​

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