Paid Time Off (PTO)

We provide you a PTO program that gives you the flexibility to use your accrued hours for any purpose, including vacation, holidays, illness, or personal business. Employees accrue paid time off starting on the first day of work. This amount increases with length of service. PTO is paid at the employee's base rate of pay. Part-time employees accrue PTO on a pro-rated basis based on average hours worked.

Leaves of Absence

Intermountain offers paid and unpaid medical and personal leaves of absence.

Bereavement Leave

Paid bereavement leave is available to full-time employees who lose a family member. Up to 24 working hours for the loss of an immediate family member, and 8 working hours for the loss of other relatives.

Jury/Witness Duty

Full-time and part-time benefit eligible employees receive pay to replace scheduled hours when called to jury or witness duty in response to a court order.

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