Drawings were provided by students from Ensign Elementary and were displayed at LDS Hospital during Diversity Week.

Celebrating Diversity Week 2011

Celebrating Diversity Week

01/17/2011- Intermountain Healthcare celebrated Martin Luther King Day and our annual Diversity Week with a number of activities. As our Salt Lake area facilities celebrated Diversity Week 2011, the cafeterias showcased many delicious cultural dishes such as jambalaya over rice, Navajo tacos, Swedish meatballs with fettuccine, and other foods from around the world. Each of our facilities hosted a number of activities throughout the week.

A recap of other parts of our celebration:
  • Employees brought in items that reflect their personal or ancestral homelands, including paintings, clothing, and quilts. 
  • Presentations by Stein Rosqvist, RN, who survived the January 2003 Life Flight crash, highlighted how we celebrate diversity and grow from adversity. 
  • A world map was displayed and employees and patients were invited to stick on a dot representing where they or their ancestors were from. In other facilities, Employees, visitors, and patients were also invited to post a leaf on a “Diversity Tree” in the main lobby about their culture, the things that make them unique, or their thoughts on diversity.
  • Employees made presentations about their countries of origin, and fellow employees packed the room to learn more about France, South Africa, Mexico, and Chile. 

English-As-A-Second Language

Primary Children’s Medical Center, the Urban Central Region which includes hospitals in the Salt Lake Valley and Urban South Region, the greater Provo area, have developed ESL Programs for employee’s seeking to improve on or begin learning English as a second language.  The courses are taught at the employee’s place of employment. 

The classes have proven helpful to graduating employees demonstrating better communication with their co-workers and increased confidence. The courses also prepare employees for possible promotional opportunities within Intermountain.

Primary Children’s Medical Center had 27 employees participate and successfully complete the program in 2008. 

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