David is a clinical pharmacist at Intermountain Medical Center caring for orthopedic and neurology patients. In addition, he is a preceptor for local pharmacy students.

David graduated from Creighton University Magna Cum Laude. His clinical pharmacy career began with the United States Air Force. He spent three years at Ellsworth Air Force Base delivering quality patient care and implementing and maintaining five pharmacy clinics.

During this time he was the Deputy Chief of Pharmacy Services. He was awarded a Certificate of Achievement for Pharmaceutical Care for Patients with Diabetes in 2004 from the American Pharmaceutical Association and the Certificate of Achievement for Pharmaceutical Care for Patients with Dyslipidemias (an abnormality in the amounts of lipids and lipoproteins in the blood) in 2005. David was also awarded the Fred Coleman Award in 2005 which is presented to the Pharmacist of the Year for Company Grade Officers in the Air Combat Command.

David brought his pharmacy expertise to Intermountain Healthcare in August 2008. In David’s clinical pharmacist role at Intermountain Healthcare he is essential to patient care. By monitoring patients’ responses to medications, recommending modifications and avoiding adverse drug events he is able to help ensure the well being of the patient. He is instrumental in educating nurses, physicians, students and patients on all aspects of medication safety. As a member of the Medication Safety Committee at Intermountain Healthcare, he ensures that protocols and policies are in place to keep our patients safe.

Highly respected for his accomplishments and endeavors in pharmacy and his kindness to patients, David is an example of excellence in patient care at Intermountain Healthcare.

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