Brian has worked for Intermountain Healthcare for six years supporting Intermountain’s clinical information systems.  He currently works at Intermountain Medical Center and provides technical support to Rehab, Transplant Services, Dialysis, Imaging and the ICU departments. Brian was attracted to Intermountain Healthcare because of its reputation as a leading healthcare provider.
Brian’s career journey was shaped by his life experiences. He always knew he wanted to help people.  “Working in the medical field I get the opportunity to help others on a daily basis.”  To select a career, Brian completed a career ssessment and discovered that Occupational Therapy might be a good fit for his skills and strengths.  Brian arranged a job shadow with an Occupational Therapist and found the work interested him.  Working as an Occupational Therapy Aide helped confirm his decision to pursue an Occupational Therapy career.
After completing a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy, Brian began working as an Occupational Therapist at the University of Utah.   While at the University, his supervisor asked him to help lead a project designed to move from paper patient records to electronic records. Brian did not see himself as “a computer person” and was initially reluctant.  But he embraced the opportunity to develop new skills and discovered he enjoyed working with information technology.  He attributes his current technical career path to the decision he made to help with that project.
When asked what he enjoys about his job, Brian said “the best part about my job is working with a wide variety of clinicians.  I love working with the doctors, nurses and pharmacists.  Each day is different.   I love my job.”  Brian’s clinical background has been an asset in keeping up with the breadth of issues that come his way.
Brian also knows the value of healthcare because of his own personal experience.   Brian is a kidney/pancreas transplant recipient.  Brian was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at a young age which resulted in kidney disease.  Eventually, the disease caused renal (kidney) failure and a kidney transplant became necessary.  It was recommended that he have both a kidney and pancreas transplant so he could eliminate his diabetic condition. This experience helped Brian appreciate the little things in life like feeling good each day and having energy to complete daily tasks. 
Since his transplant, Brian began participating in the American Transplant Games. These games serve to raise awareness of the need for transplant donors and to celebrate the life received from transplants.  Brian was amazed to find the participants competing at a full level of activity despite having had an organ transplant.  In the most recent games, Brian competed on the Utah/Idaho team and brought home the Transplant Cup which now resides in the transplant unit at Intermountain Medical Center.
When asked about his future career goals, Brian eagerly speaks of continued opportunities with Intermountain Healthcare.  “I like Intermountain Healthcare so much I would like to retire here.  I want to continue to develop my skills in information systems and be the best resource I can for the clinicians.  My dream goal would be to be an administrator for one of Intermountain Healthcare’s rural hospitals.”
Brian’s advice to job seekers, gain all the education you can and be persistent in chasing your dreams.  “Even if you don’t have all of the qualifications being asked, don’t limit yourself.  Go for it if you feel you have the basic qualifications.”
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