​Meet Jie.  Jie is a software engineer at Intermountain Healthcare.  What is a Software Engineer? Software engineers help design and develop software applications.  If you have used computer applications such as email or word processing programs or if you’ve played computer video games, you are familiar with some of the creations of a software engineer.
Jie grew up in China and came to the United States to pursue a PhD in computer science from Brigham Young University.  When Jie was growing up she always dreamed of being a scientist and physician.  Jie sees working in the healthcare field as the perfect realization of her goals and aspirations.  Jie was attracted to Intermountain Healthcare because of its reputation as a leading not-for-profit provider of healthcare.  “It is a perfect playground for my knowledge and career goals.  It also provides a platform for applying things I have learned at school.  By integrating the knowledge with application, I have a further understanding of [computer science] concepts.”
Jie finds the culture at Intermountain stimulating and finds that it encourages constant learning and development for its employees.  She enjoys her interactions with coworkers.  “I learn new things every day from experienced coworkers.  They are fun and easy to work with.”
Jie is part of the team at Intermountain Medical Center and is involved in exciting work that will integrate information systems more fully into patient care.  Her current project is updating a feature called InfoButton.  InfoButton quickly provides up-to-date information to physicians on best practices and treatment options. The patient benefits from this information by improved outcomes and lower costs.  “I hope that by communicating with end users, such as our physicians and nurses, we can provide useful tools for them to use.”
Jie enthusiastically speaks of upcoming opportunities to implement the software she is developing.  She also is looking forward to her continued interaction with coworkers and applying her knowledge to future software applications.
Jie speaks positively about her experience in relocating from China to the United States.  “In the whole process, I did not feel any conflict in culture.  I was helped by my teachers, advisors, classmates, friends, and coworkers from every perspective, including studying, daily life, and culture.  I still like Kung Pao chicken but I will not resist hamburgers or steak.”
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