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Sandy, UT (5/2/2007) - From the clothes we wear to our taste in movies, women are different from men. In fact, research shows we are different all the way down to our knees, which is why physicians at Alta View Hospital are now offering a unique knee replacement surgery designed just for women.

Up to this point, all knee replacement implants have been designed based on an average size of both women's and men's knees combined. As the number of women having knee replacement grew significantly, leading orthopedic surgeons began reporting the need for more frequent adjustments during surgery in order to make traditional implants fit their female patients. It became clear that it was time for a knee implant specifically designed to fit the shape and size of women's anatomy. As a result, the gender solutions knee was created.

The gender solutions knee has a unique shape and size with distinct differences from all other knee implants. It has a thinner profile, allows for more natural movement of the kneecap, and has a shape specially contoured for women.

Research shows women suffer from more knee pain and disability than men. Yet traditional knee replacement options were not designed with a fit and function specifically to accommodate the different shape and size of a woman's knee. Now, with the advent of the gender solutions knee, physicians and patients can look at knee replacements in a whole new way.

Are you ready to get back to gardening, swimming, long walks, your life? The gender solutions knee provides for a better fit, higher flexion, and more natural movement because it is proportioned to the female body. And, most patients have a smaller scar, a shorter hospital stay, and quicker recovery time.

Watch KUTV Channel 2's Noon News program on Tuesday, May 15, where Donald Schmidt, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Alta View Hospital, will discuss the gender solutions knee surgery in more detail. In the meantime, feel free to call me for more information regarding this surgery, or any other questions or comments you have about the services at Alta View Hospital. My phone number is (801) 501-2700 or email me at

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