Building on the award-winning LiVe educational program to help teens and families be more physically active and make more healthy food choices




Salt Lake City — "Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, and Be Well" are the areas of focus of Intermountain Healthcare's new public service "LiVe Well" campaign, which encourages adults, teens, and children to adopt healthy behaviors that move them toward optimal life balance. 

The campaign builds on Intermountain's award-winning LiVe educational program to help teens and families be more physically active and make more healthy food choices. The expanded campaign will continue to offer support in schools and in the community, but will also make efforts to reach a wider audience to encourage health behaviors. 

Although Utah is better than most other states, still more than 23 percent of adults and children in Utah are overweight or obese, contributing to poor health and decreased quality of life. Experts point to a complex set of reasons for the current epidemic of overweight and unprecedented obesity in America. They include a rise in soft drink consumption, bigger food and beverage portions, the increase in daily screen time-from TV and computers to video games, and a decrease in physical activity.

The LiVe Well program, featured at, offers articles, practical advice from healthcare experts, charts, and other resources to support healthy decisions. The following is an overview: 

  • EAT WELL — Choosing healthier food can improve memory, boost creativity, and build overall health. The Eat Well section of the site offers eating tips, healthy recipes, cooking demonstrations, and more.
  • MOVE WELL — Everyone needs regular physical activity for stronger muscles and to increase energy, regardless of their health, age, shape, or size. This section offers exercise advice, healthy habits tips, information about Intermountain's new LiVe Well Centers, and other resources.
  • FEEL WELL — Happy. Secure. Content. Peaceful. Healthy. That's what we seek to be in life. We want to spend more time in these places of physical and emotional well-being and less time being stressed, worried, sick, and sad. The Feel Well section offers tools to help manage stress, depression, and sleep issues, each of which can diminish a healthy state of mind and body. 
  • BE WELL — Intermountain offers a full range of information and tools to help manage health, learn about symptoms and conditions and their treatment options, and locate the right types of healthcare professionals to provide the care healthy communities need. This section offers information about screenings, links to Intermountain's weight management programs, SelectHealth resources, a symptom checker, and videos. 
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