Earth Day is April 22: Logan Regional Hospital works to improve the environment and save energy throughout the year

Debbie Ostrander

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Earth Day is Friday, April 22. Logan Regional Hospital works throughout the year to be earth friendly in Cache Valley.

The Logan Regional Hospital Green Team has helped increase recycling by 500 percent in two years. Employees and patrons at Logan Regional recycle aluminum cans, cardboard, construction waste, newspaper, paper, plastic bottles, steel/tin cans, and toner cartridges. Recycling volumes for paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans alone have increased by about 500 percent in the last two years. The hospital’s Green Team is led by Michael Morrison, R.N., manager of the hospital’s Transitional Care & Physical Rehabilitation Unit.

Logan Regional Hospital has also saved millions of gallons and pounds of energy in the past two years and is now one of the most energy-efficient hospitals in the state. Creative and innovative energy savings ideas implemented by Logan Regional’s mechanical team (water, heating, and air conditioning) and supported by employees throughout the hospital have resulted in a significant level of energy savings. In the last year, the hospital’s natural gas consumption has been reduced by 28.5 percent.

Troy Jensen, control systems specialist at the hospital, has led efforts to implement a variety of energy saving initiatives. Here are just a few of the projects the hospital has launched:

  • Conserving energy in the Women and Newborn Center. Jensen designed a system this fall to conserve electricity and natural gas output to the Women and Newborn Center. Staff members on the unit use a computer program to monitor and change room temperatures according to demand. This design will be extended to other areas of the hospital.
  • Recovering wasted energy. After being inspired by a Discovery Channel program on how Emporer penguins living in the Antarctic recapture up to 80 percent of heat escaping through their breath, Jensen created a heat waste recovery system for Logan Regional Hospital in 2008 that has saved millions of pounds of CO2 gases by recovering wasted heat energy and reusing it. The reduction in CO2 gases is like taking hundreds of cars off the road in CO2 emissions.
  • Saving water. The mechanical team has saved millions of gallons of water through steam-saving projects on the hospital’s boiler feed water system.

Jensen makes presentations to companies locally and throughout the United States to reduce their impact on the environment and save money. “My goal is to reduce the rate of consumption of our natural resources,” said Jensen, “not only at Logan Regional Hospital, but at other hospitals and in the entire country. I really believe we only have a limited amount of natural resources on our planet, and we have to get these innovative ideas out as fast as we can. Logan Regional is one of the most energy efficient hospitals in the state. We’ve made a lot of progress but there is still much more we can do.”

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