From left to right: Cheri Squires, Carl Johanson, and Sharon Koch

From left to right: Cheri Squires, Carl Johanson, and Sharon Koch

Alta View Hospital Welcomes New Lab Leadership

Jess Gomez / Bryan Packer

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Sandy, UT (1/19/2009) – The leadership team in the laboratory at Alta View Hospital has some new faces: Sharon Koch is the new manager. Cheri Squires is the new supervisor over phlebotomy and specimen processing and Carl Johanson is the new supervisor over chemistry and hematology.
Sharon, Cheri, and Carl have many years of experience. Sharon’s been with Intermountain Healthcare for 33 years and previously served as the supervisor over transfusion at Alta View and Cottonwood hospitals. Cheri’s been with Intermountain for 14 years and previously worked in the Central Lab. Carl’s been with Intermountain for 15 years. Prior to coming to Alta View Carl worked in transfusion at Intermountain Medical Center. All three worked together at one time at Cottonwood Hospital. They’re excited to be back together in their new roles.
The new leadership team has already made a big impact at Alta View. They’re passionate about what they do, and really like working at Alta View. “I’ve liked learning about the rest of the lab,” says Sharon. “I’ve also liked the interaction with the other departments.”
“The atmosphere and attitude in the lab all comes down to providing extraordinary patient care. That’s important to us,” says Carl. “We take pride in what we do.”
Cheri adds: “In addition to providing extraordinary care in the lab, we’re working to improve where we are as we function together as a team.”
“This management team is highly skilled and cohesive,” says Becky Kapp, administrator at Alta View. “The combined years of experience they have is quite unique. We’re excited to have the quality of leadership and experience they have at Alta View.”
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