Top Cyclists in Nation Visit TOSH

Top Cyclists in Nation Visit TOSH to Pump up Their Performance through High-level Training

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Salt Lake City, UT (1/24/2007) - Utah truly is becoming the cycling capital of the country. The best cyclists in the nation, US Cycling's under 25 national team, were in Utah recently at TOSH-The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital in Murray where they gathered to undergo physiological testing and to train in TOSH's renowned human performance laboratory as they prepare for the 2007 season.

TOSH physicians Eric Heiden, MD, a five-time Olympic gold medal winner, and Massimo 'Max" Testa, one of the sport's top performance experts, lead the testing and training. They also serve as medical directors for USA Cycling.

"This is kind of like spring training for cyclists," says Dr. Testa. "No where else in the country can an entire national team come together under one roof like they can here at TOSH and undergo the most comprehensive testing and training in preparation for the 2007 race season."

TOSH staff provided medical evaluations (cardiovascular and musculoskeletal testing), physiological testing (lactate responses to exercise and VO2 max testing), nutritional assessment and counseling and series of other medical functions to prepare the team for the upcoming 2007 season. Early season testing is critical to assessing cyclists fitness, discovering any off-season injuries, preparing training schedules, and understanding the physical needs of each athlete.

The partnership between TOSH and USA Cycling allows the team to have one location where they can come for every aspect of their training.

"This is something USA Cycling has never had before," says Dr. Testa. "With TOSH's facilities we can bring an entire team to one place and accomplish more in three days than we could over many weeks trying to visit different athletes around the country."

TOSH will provide sport science and medicine support to all five disciplines of USA Cycling, including BMX, mountain biking, track, cyclo-cross, and road racing.

TOSH has established itself as one of the premier orthopedic surgery, rehab, and sports performance-training centers in the country. TOSH offers state-of-the-art motion analysis, nutrition, bone density, sports training, pool therapy, surgical services, and human performance testing programs. TOSH is also the official sports medicine provider for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard teams, the U.S. Speedskating team, and is an official training site for U.S. Olympic athletes.

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