Dimension of Care: Physician Engagement

Mark Wardle, DO, is passionate about promoting health and fitness—and he leads by example.

From face-to-face to Facebook

Dr. Mark Wardle, making fitness fun for students at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School.

It isn’t often you see your family doctor juggling in a parade. Or maybe it is, if you live in Moroni, Utah, where Mark Wardle, DO, practices at the Intermountain Moroni Clinic.

Dr. Wardle is a self-proclaimed fitness devotee. For him, Intermountain’s LiVe Well initiative is a way of life—one he excitedly shares with his patients, family, and the community. Dr. Wardle has given jump ropes to elementary school kids and pedometers to patients. He uses a Facebook page to challenge people to be active, eat healthy, and set fitness goals. And he practices what he preaches.

Last year, Dr. Wardle set a goal to run 1,000 miles. In December, several pairs of running shoes later, he achieved that goal.

“I hope I can be an example,” he said. “I think these outreach activities remind the community that not only am I serious about living healthy but that I’m here to help them do it too.”

In addition to “leading by example” in terms of promoting fitness, Dr. Wardle is an active supporter of all the Intermountain programs, services, and best practice guidelines that physicians use to care for patients. For instance, he helps his diabetic patients meet with educators and obtain other care management services.

In 2013, Dr. Wardle will keep pushing toward better health with his “Streak with Wardle” exercise challenge. He’s invited the community—those in the area and those who follow him online—to join him in committing to health. Participants choose how many days a week they’ll exercise.

“For me, pursuing health and fitness is easier when I’m doing it with others,” he said. “It’s also more fun.”

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