Intermountain is an active voice in the national and international conversation about transforming healthcare. Recently, Joe Mott, Intermountain’s Vice President of Healthcare Transformation, published an article in Intermountain’s blog network that posed the question:
Should healthcare organizations transform?

According to Mott, any organization that’s unsure about the question should look at its mission statement. “Why does your organization exist? After spending an afternoon pondering that question, the direction you should pursue should be readily apparent,” Mott said. “But from comments I’ve heard from executives across the country, not everyone has yet spent an afternoon considering their mission.”

Once an organization decides to transform, they must do it in the right way. “Real transformation is about fundamental change,” said Mott. “It’s not incremental and it’s not subtle. It’s big ... It will take a fundamental change in how we approach the delivery of healthcare with a true commitment to value for those we serve.”​​

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