Trustees set policies, goals, and management expectations to help govern Intermountain's business operations. While certain responsibilities apply to all Intermountain trustees, your roles will vary depending on the board on which you serve.

Scott Anderson, Chairman of Intermountain's Board of Trustees, extends a welcome to trustees in this video and the important role you play:

1. Governance and Oversight
Trustees are entrusted to:

  • Make decisions that are guided by Intermountain's Mission, Vision, and Values.
  • Establish policies and programs for your part of Intermountain, in accordance with system-wide policies.
  • Participate in the development of a business plan, which includes a capital and operating budget, and a long-range plan.
  • Establish appropriate controls so that approved policies are implemented.
  • Delegate authority to the facility's CEO and staff.
  • Avoid self-dealing and conflicts of interest.
  • Provide input and advice about community healthcare, charity care, health insurance, and business needs.

2. Preserving Intermountain Assets
Preserving assets means more than keeping your facility in good repair (though that's a part of it). This responsibility also includes:

  • Protecting assets (including that of goodwill) from harm or loss.
  • Keeping buildings and equipment in good repair.
  • Ensuring that your part of Intermountain is adequately insured, and appropriately dealing with claims.
  • Preserving tax exemptions and paying such taxes that are due.
  • Complying with all laws and regulations, and defending Intermountain's rights.

Supporting Trustee Efforts

These links provide key tools and information to support trustees in their roles and responsibilities as they serve on various Intermountain boards:

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