Intermountain is using a variety of approaches to address the challenges of rising utilization and rising costs, such as:

1. Developing and implementing clinical programs.

2. Teaching clinical quality improvement.  Intermountain has long been a pioneer in teaching, as well as applying, "continuous quality improvement" (CQI) techniques. The Intermountain Institute for Healthcare Delivery Research has held training courses in CQI for more than a decade, sharing the lessons we've learned with physicians, nurses, and other clinical professionals from around the world.

3. SelectHealth. In addition to promoting better use of health resources and preventive benefits, SelectHealth supports Intermountain's clinical programs, helping patients and members maintain or improve their health.

4. Research.  Intermountain is a leader in medical research, especially through its two major research hospitals: Intermountain Medical Center and Primary Children's Medical Center. Intermountain hospitals are often the first hospitals in Utah approved to participate in clinical trials and other programs involving leading-edge medicine.

5. Public health.  Intermountain is a major promoter and supporter of public health programs. For example, we support programs to increase access to mental health services, and we work with state public health departments and other entities to address public health issues such as pediatric immunizations, safety issues, and prenatal care. We also provide or financially support clinics for homeless and low-income populations.

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