In 2005, Intermountain's leadership decided to take a fresh look at the organization as a whole, to identify strategies to help us express our mission more fully. So, we went out and asked people in our communities—patients and their families, plan members, community leaders and others—to share their thoughts on the following question:

    "What do you expect from Intermountain Healthcare?"

The answer revealed two priorities:

  1. They wanted the best clinical care possible.
  2. They want service excellence.

Intermountain listened. In addition to defining our core aspirations (Extraordinary Care) and how we'd work toward them (Dimensions of Care), we also made some changes to our "look" as an organization:

    • We now refer to ourselves as "Intermountain Healthcare" or as "Intermountain" instead of using the old acronym "IHC," because we found that people find acronyms a little cold and bureaucratic.
    • We also adopted a new logo that is a bit more colorful and contemporary.
    • In order to clear up confusion in people's minds about our mission as an organization, we've given our health plans division a new name: SelectHealth. Research showed that many people were confused about Intermountain's mission and didn't know if we were primarily a healthcare provider or a health insurance company.

Along with our logo, we frequently use the phrase "Healing for Life." This phrase reflects our core mission of providing care and promoting healing. Even in cases where we reach the limits of medicine, we can still promote healing by preserving our patients' dignity and by our sensitivity to loved ones coping with loss. Even when difficult outcomes are inevitable, experiences of care can be comforting, caring, and supportive.

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