Intermountain Healthcare's mission is "excellence in the provision of healthcare services to the communities of the Intermountain West." When our organization was founded in 1975, our Board of Trustees challenged us to always aspire to be a model healthcare system. In 2005, after 30 years, Intermountain's leadership took a fresh look at the organization and studied strategies for the future that would express our mission even more fully.

To begin, we asked:  What do our patients, our plan members, their families, our community leaders, and others expect from Intermountain Healthcare? We posed that question to hundreds of people, and the answers revealed two priorities. First, they expect to receive the very best clinical care possible: They expect our treatments to be state-of-the-art and based on sound, proven medicine. Second, they want service excellence: They want their healthcare to be delivered with compassion, from people who care about them as individuals.

Armed with information from our research, Intermountain Healthcare created a core goal for our future that can be summed up in the phrase: "Extraordinary Care in All Its Dimensions." We will always remain focused on clinical excellence and on achieving ever-better medical outcomes. We also continually work to raise our standards of service excellence—the way we interact with patients. Simply put, we want every patient experience at Intermountain Healthcare to be extraordinary.

An internal goal

The words "extraordinary care" represent an internal goal and aren't words we use when talking about Intermountain to outside audiences. We hope that as we do our jobs well, patients and others will perceive their experiences to have been extraordinary and exceptional—and, we hope, they will convey that feeling when they describe their experiences to others.

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