The healthcare system that is now Intermountain Healthcare was originally created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church hospitals were among the first in the Intermountain area. LDS Hospital was established in 1905. Primary Children's Hospital was founded as a pediatric ward of LDS Hospital in 1911 and became a stand-alone facility in 1922.

In April 1975, the Church donated the 15 hospitals in its system to the communities they served. A charitable, nonprofit, non-denominational organization called Intermountain was created to operate the hospitals as a system on behalf of these communities. Community leaders were asked to govern the organization as unpaid, volunteer trustees. You are a part of that great legacy, and we thank you.

A free copy of The Story of Intermountain Health Care, an in-depth look at Intermountain's history, growth, and mission, is available to all trustees. To request a copy, call (801) 442-2836.

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