Here are some ways that the Intermountain Medical Group has improved the practice of medicine and the delivery of care:

1. Support of Intermountain's Clinical Programs

The Primary Care Clinical Program. This is one of eight clinical programs underway at Intermountain, and it is the one that most directly involves the primary care physicians in the Intermountain Medical Group. The Group plays a leading role in three major initiatives:

  • Mental Health Integration. Perhaps as many as half of all physical illnesses have a mental health dimension. Two programs initially piloted at the Group's Bryner Clinic have improved integration and coordination of primary care physicians and mental/behavioral health professionals in treating their patients. To date, the Bryner programs have shown improved outcomes in the management of behavioral health issues, improved patient and physician satisfaction, with minimal impact on medical expense. The Bryner programs have since been extended to other Intermountain clinics.
  • Diabetic Education Services. In this initiative, care managers support Group physicians in helping diabetic patients manage their disease, reducing complications that can lead to hospitalization.
  • Asthma Education Services. Similar to the diabetic care managers, asthma care managers and educators help asthmatic patients manage their conditions and control their allergic reactions.

Other Clinical Programs. The Medical Group also supports the work of Intermountain's other clinical programs. For example:

  • Chronic Anticoagulation Clinic. Patients with certain types of heart or other vascular disease may need to take blood-thinning medications. In this initiative, Medical Group physicians help these patients manage their anticoagulants to maximize safety and efficacy.

2. Physician clinics and outpatient pharmacies, as well as InstaCare, KidsCare, ExpressCare, and WorkMed clinics.

3. The Medical Group also participates in medical staff planning for Intermountain hospitals.

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