• Exploring the history of Intermountain Medical Group

    History of Intermountain Medical Group

    Intermountain created the Medical Group in 1994, recognizing that building strong relationships with physicians is essential to excellence in healthcare.

  • Intermountain Medical Group Organization

    We bring together more than 800 multi-specialty physicians to provide clinically excellent healthcare through a wide range of services.

  • Clinical Excellence

    The Medical Group improves the practice of medicine and delivery of care by supporting Intermountain's clinical programs.

  • Contributing to Extraordinary Care

    We measure service standards, provide specialized employee training, and pilot innovative models of healthcare delivery.

Founded in 1994, the Medical Group has been essential to the achievement of Intermountain’s mission in three areas:

1. Raising the standards of clinical excellence through the development of clinical programs.

2. Assuring affordability of care by helping manage utilization of health services.

3. Expanding access to care by creating a network of physician clinics located close to the patients they serve.

Intermountain Medical Group is a network of experienced physicians and other caregivers devoted to providing clinically excellent healthcare in a quality setting, where patient needs come first.
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