How the Group Is Organized and Governed

The Intermountain Medical Group has employees in the following categories:

Table 15-A: Employment in the Intermountain Medical Group – 2013



Number of Employees


1,012 total, including:

— 326 Primary Care (Peds, FM, IM)

— 471 Secondary Care

— 86 Hospitalists

— 17 Radiologists

— 112 Urgent Care (InstaCare, KidsCare


Advanced Practice Clinicians (e.g., physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dieticians)


Other employees


TOTAL (July 2013)


Linda Leckman, MD, became Chief Operating Officer of the Intermountain Medical Group in 1996 and CEO in 2001. The Medical Group is organized in regional physician leadership groups as follows, with each regional medical director reporting to Dr. Leckman:


Table 15-B: Intermountain Medical Group:

Regional Leadership — 2013


Medical Director (July 2013)

Cache Valley

Bartley Weiss, MD

Weber/North Davis

Donna Barhorst, MD

South Davis/Salt Lake

Mark Lewis, MD

North Salt Lake

Anne Pendo, MD

Central Salt Lake

Tim Johnson, MD

South Salt Lake

Scott Lindley, MD

Utah Valley

Gordon Harkness, MD

Central Utah

Mark R. Greenwood, MD

Southwest Utah

Martin Nygaard, MD

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