In 2013, in more than 276,000 cases, Intermountain Healthcare provided nearly $173 million in charity care to patients who weren't able to pay. (Charity care doesn't include bad debt, uncollected bills from patients who are able to pay, which amounted to an additional $231 million in 2013.) The actual charges for the charity care provided amounted to more than $281 million, but Intermountain is required by the Utah State Tax Commission to adjust its totals so that they compare to the average discounted charges paid to it by paying patients and their insurance companies. By any standard, Intermountain provides the most charity care and other community benefits of any Utah healthcare organization.

Representatives of for-profit hospitals sometimes claim that, size-adjusted, they provide as much or more charity care as Intermountain. This assertion is not correct.

But charity care is only part of the equation. We also provide funding to other nonprofit clinics throughout the state that provide primary healthcare to uninsured, low-income, and homeless people. Our donations help improve access for people without adequate income or health insurance. Intermountain directly operates six clinics and helps financially support 19 independent community clinics. In 2013, the combined patient visits totaled more than 325,000.

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