Providing for Community Health Needs

Each community is different, and it's unlikely that one organization can meet every healthcare need. However, Intermountain makes "community" a primary focus in determining where to locate hospitals and clinics, and offers a wide range of services — including those that don't generate a significant financial return — to meet the essential healthcare needs of communities in both rural and urban areas.

Those services include:

  • Transplant services 
  • Level I trauma services
  • Newborn intensive care units
  • Diagnostic imaging including CT and MRI
  • A hospital dedicated to treating children.
  • Air transport program serving Intermountain area with fixed wing and helicopters 
  • Inpatient and outpatient behavioral health services
  • Health assessment events and follow-up services for uninsured and low-income people
  • Community education and other activities that promote health
  • Integrated health services to promote delivery of quality healthcare regardless of where a patient accesses that care
  • Programs like Intermountain's heart failure clinics and diabetes clinics with focus on health services for chronic diseases

In addition, hospitals in rural areas show our commitment to providing access to healthcare in geographic areas that may not provide financial return sufficient for other organizations to undertake.

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