Intermountain's Contributions to Medical Education and Research

Medical education. The basis of high-quality healthcare is well-trained caregivers. As a community-based organization, Intermountain supports the education of physicians, nurses, and other caregivers. Intermountain operates five teaching hospitals: the Intermountain Medical Center, LDS Hospital, Primary Children's Medical Center, McKay-Dee Hospital Center, and Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. Among them, they train several hundred students, fellows and interns each year. Intermountain also hosts a number of residency programs, including Transitional Year, Interventional Cardiology, and Podiatry at the Intermountain Medical Center, and family practice residency programs at McKay-Dee Hospital and Utah Valley Regional. These programs help train physicians, many of whom remain and practice in the state.

In 2009, Intermountain gave $15.7 million to support professional education, as well as nursing education programs, physician residency programs, and other clinical training programs at Utah colleges and universities. That amount was slightly lower than the previous year's as a result of new federal IRS guidelines.

Research. Most of Intermountain's research is clinical research, in which the efficacy of clinical procedures and protocols are tested and improved. With help from research grants and often under the direction of Intermountain's clinical programs, clinicians perform hundreds of such studies every year. According to the standards established by the IRS, the value of Intermountain's clinical research amounted to approximately $10.1 million in 2009.

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