The Story of SelectHealth

Until 2006, SelectHealth was known as IHC Health Plans and was presented to the public as an aspect of the Intermountain Healthcare brand. However, research showed public confusion and misperceptions about Intermountain. So, as part of Intermountain's larger rebranding, IHC Health Plans was relaunched as SelectHealth. Like its parent company, SelectHealth is organized as a nonprofit, which makes it accountable to the community rather than to shareholders.

Intermountain launched its first health plan in 1984. Named Health Choice, the plan was a preferred-provider organization (PPO), and the first enrollees were Intermountain's own employees. By the end of 1985, 93 companies offered Health Choice to their employees, and more than 38,000 members were covered by the plan. A second product, an HMO called IHC Care, was introduced in July 1985 and had 11,000 members by year-end. Today, SelectHealth offers a broad range of plans to more than 600,000 members.

SelectHealth advances Intermountain's mission in several ways:

  1. Through SelectHealth, the entire Intermountain organization remains sensitive to the financial pressures faced by those who pay healthcare bills: employers, plan members and patients, and government. Through quality improvement and prevention, we focus on ways to keep those costs as low as possible.
  2. SelectHealth supports disease management programs that promote health. For example, as part of Intermountain's Diabetes Care Management program, diabetic members of SelectHealth receive reminders to take advantage of special benefits like diabetes counseling, free glucometers, and free clinics. SelectHealth wants to keep its members healthy for the long term, as this increases quality of life and reduces cost.
  3. SelectHealth directs a predictable flow of patients to Intermountain physicians and hospitals, which helps keep us financially secure and allows us to emphasize quality improvement and prevention. Through SelectHealth, Intermountain is able to work directly with many patients and customers, rather than exclusively through the mediation of third-party insurance companies.

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