Charles Sorenson, MD, Shares Intermountain's Story With National Leaders

Charles Sorenson, MD, Intermountain's President and CEO

As President and CEO of Intermountain Healthcare, Charles Sorenson, MD, is invited to speak to national leaders in healthcare, government, and business. He shares how Intermountain is working to transform healthcare through high quality and sustainable costs.

This spring, Dr. Sorenson had a number of opportunities to share Intermountain’s experiences. Among these were the World Health Care Congress in National Harbor, Maryland; the U.S. Healthcare and Life Sciences Conference in New York City; and the Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Summit in Cleveland, Ohio.
In May, Dr. Sorenson visited New York City to talk with leaders of the nation’s major bond rating agencies about Intermountain’s financial status and our progress on our long-term goals. High bond ratings are a strong endorsement of our financial strength and stability; they help us borrow money at lower interest rates, which helps us offer more affordable care.

“Our reports and messages were well-received,” Dr. Sorenson said. “The analysts at both rating agencies commended Intermountain for our strong governance and our history of prudent investing in new facilities, while investing more aggressively in the infrastructure—such as computer systems for the Electronic Medical Record and Enterprise Resource Planning, which are needed to increase efficiency and transform the way we provide healthcare.”

He added: “They also commended the good financial position that allows Intermountain to proceed as rapidly as possible in finding best practice, providing only evidence-based care, and eliminating those things the latest medical evidence demonstrates don’t add value for our patients.”

Intermountain anticipates favorable ratings—even though they’re rare these days for health systems. “While the rating agencies have given the healthcare sector in general an unfavorable outlook for the future, we’re hopeful Intermountain, which currently has the highest ratings of any health system in the country, will retain its strong ratings,” said Dr. Sorenson. 

Dr. Sorenson was also invited again this year to speak at the annual Not-for-Profit Healthcare Investor Conference in New York City. This conference provides an opportunity for about 30 of the country’s leading health systems to give a 30-minute update on their strategies and progress toward fulfilling their missions. “Our message focused on our strategy of providing high-value healthcare to the communities we serve,” said Dr. Sorenson. “We also discussed the operational best practices that are key to our strategy.”

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