Intermountain trustees serve on more than 30 different boards that oversee our hospitals, foundations, and more.

1. Intermountain Board of Trustees (the central board). Has authority over all parts of Intermountain, including Governing Boards and Foundation Boards.

2. Hospital Governing Boards – These boards oversee Intermountain hospitals.

3. SelectHealth Governing Board.

4. Intermountain Medical Group Governing Board.

5. Intermountain Homecare Governing Board.

6. Charitable Foundation Boards.  Most of these boards are engaged in philanthropic fund-raising at Intermountain, helping solicit donations from the public that provide support to Intermountain's mission. One foundation, the Intermountain Community Care Foundation (see below), provides financial support to community clinics and other organizations that complement Intermountain’s mission.

a. Intermountain Healthcare Foundation.  This foundation oversees fund-raising activities system-wide. Fourteen community development boards operate under the auspices of the Foundation and engage in fund-raising related to Intermountain’s mission and hospitals. Organized as 501(c)3 institutions, the Intermountain Healthcare Foundation and its component foundations are qualified to receive tax-deductible donations from individuals, community organizations, and corporations. Donations are gratefully received and enhance Intermountain’s ability to provide charity care, leading-edge medicine, research, and new facilities that become part of the community.

b.​ Intermountain Community Care Foundation.  Established with an endowment funded by Intermountain, this foundation awards grants to independent clinics, agencies, and organizations that support community health, complementing Intermountain’s mission. For example, the Intermountain Community Care Foundation provides financial support to community clinics that serve the low-income population, including the homeless and those who might otherwise lack convenient access to care.

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