Clinical Focus on Quality

Intermountain launched an initiative called Rounding for Excellence. "Rounding" is a healthcare term referring to the process of checking on patients. Today the meaning of the term has been enlarged to encompass other types of visits and feedback checks (including the proverbial "management by walking around" process).

The initiative was based on a successful pilot program run at LDS Hospital and Dixie Regional Medical Center. On a consistent basis, Intermountain's senior leaders visit with employees where they work; learn what they do; and ask questions about how things are going, what is working, and what might be improved.

Rounding for Excellence

Key objectives of the Rounding for Excellence initiative are:

  • To build a clear communication process at all levels of the organization.
  • To actively engage our employees by soliciting ideas and suggestions and identifying process improvements.
  • To identify the positive things that are happening in our facilities and honor individuals for the extraordinary work they do.
  • To maintain a consistent focus on our culture of patient safety.

Dixie Regional Medical Center Administrator/CEO Terri Kane shared their experience: "We've been rounding at Dixie Regional Medical Center for over two years. We volunteered for the pilot project to better hone our skill and focus on this important initiative," Terri says. "We've learned the power of hardwiring this process and the challenges of making it an integral part of our daily work, not a passing fancy. It works for everyone: Nursing, Pharmacy, Lab, IS, medical offices, etc. We're hooked."

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