You are among your community's most respected citizens, and we trust that you will bring to Intermountain the same dedication and skill that enabled your success. We also hope that you will continue to be active in your community and unafraid to speak out on behalf of Intermountain. In so many ways, Intermountain speaks through you.

Intermountain trustees:

  • Knowledgeably represent the people served by their hospital, region, or division, and by Intermountain generally.
  • Act as Intermountain's ambassadors, reaching out to their community to share Intermountain's key messages, and bringing the community perspective into Intermountain decision-making.
  • Provide input and advice regarding community healthcare, charity care, health insurance, and business needs.
  • Work to improve Intermountain's ability to provide appropriate charity care, foster community partnerships, and work earnestly with community agencies and volunteer organizations.
  • Help Intermountain develop and provide preventive health and wellness programs.
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