Intermountain Healthcare is widely recognized as a leader in providing high-quality care at rates that are as affordable as possible. 

In recent years, Intermountain Healthcare’s senior leadership and Board of Trustees have recognized that maintaining the status quo in American healthcare is not an option. We have adopted our Shared Accountability approach to help people live the healthiest possible lives. This supports our vision to be a model healthcare organization, providing extraordinary care in all its dimensions.

In 2011, Intermountain leaders named Joe Mott as our Vice President of Healthcare Transformation. A Board goal in 2011 was “to develop a strategic and operational plan for moving Intermountain toward Shared Accountability.” A work group led by Joe was formed to support Intermountain’s efforts to provide “the best medical result at the lowest necessary cost, to embrace increased accountability for the totality of care for individuals, and to align incentives for both providers and individuals to assist in achieving this goal.”  

All Intermountain leaders are participating in creating and implementing the Shared Accountability strategy in their respective areas. We are also involving physicians, both physicians from our Medical Group and affiliated physicians, in developing the details of our plan.

Supporting these efforts, Joe leads a Shared Accountability Department team that now includes an Assistant Vice President, several directors, and support staff. These professionals are working with more than 20 teams across Intermountain to move our three key strategy areas forward:

  1. Redesigning care
  2. Engaging patients
  3. Aligning financial incentives

Many of these team efforts are now being implemented as pilots and programs throughout our system. We at Intermountain are striving to both improve care and contain the rise of healthcare costs over time. By 2016, Intermountain, with SelectHealth, has set a goal to achieve average annual rate increases close to the general inflation rate and to offer health plan products that include Shared Accountability concepts to the commercial market.

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