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A Message From Our Chairman and CEO

A broader vision of health and healing.

What should be within the purview of a community-oriented organization dedicated to excellence in the provision of healthcare? At Intermountain Healthcare, we understand the care of a patient must necessarily involve the care of the whole person, because a person’s underlying health directly affects the need for healthcare and the way it is given.

We care for people—before, during, and after they receive medical treatment as patients. We reach out to help them prevent illness and injury. We empower people to become actively engaged in maintaining the best health they can enjoy. We want to give them the resources and encouragement they need to live the healthiest possible lives.

When health does fail, we are ready to use the power of medicine—techniques proven to be effective—to help our patients heal. All our skill, all our science, is directed toward attaining the best possible outcomes for each patient. Even in cases where life cannot be preserved, we seek to provide healing experiences that transcend the physical for our patients and their loved ones.

We do these things because we care about people. As a not-for-profit organization with a mission to help others, we have no higher calling. We are part of the fabric of our community: We work as part of a network of providers, agencies, and organizations to ensure people have ready access to the services and healthcare they need.

Our aspiration is to provide extraordinary care, in all its dimensions, to those we serve. This is an elusive goal, because the higher we climb, the more opportunities we see to improve. To all who look to us for help, we promise to strive, unceasingly, to promote health and healing, in the broadest sense. In this year’s Annual Report, we show examples of our efforts and the people we have touched.

Dimensions of Care

The Foundation

is our Mission, Vision, and Values. Our actions are based on these principles. They are why we treat people well and the ideals that lead to an extraordinary experience.

The Six Dimensions

describe how we will realize our vision to become a model system. They demonstrate that everyone has a role.

The Experience

is Extraordinary Care. Everyone should have this experience at Intermountain Healthcare. Every person should be able to recall how well he or she was treated, medically or otherwise.

Pursuing Health and Healing
A Message From Our Chairman and CEO
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At Medicine's Leading Edge
New Procedures, New Hope for Life
Helping Those with Rare and Complex Conditions
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Embracing Health and Wellness at LiVe Well Centers
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Improving Care for Diabetic Patients in Rural Areas
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Leading by Example through the My Heart Challenge
Our Benefit to the Community
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Caring for the Patient—Not Just Treating the Illness
Innovative Tools for the Digital Age
Enhancing Patient Care through Teleservices Technology
Recognizing Excellence / Key Events in 2013
Personalizing Cancer Treatment Through Genome Sequencing
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