Dimension of Care: Community Stewardship

Community and School-Based Clinics

We improve access to healthcare for people in our communities.

In 2013, community clinics owned or supported by Intermountain cared for patients in more than 325,000 visits.

At Intermountain, we believe no one should forego medical care or miss vital health screenings because of inability to pay. An important part of our mission is to improve access to healthcare services, particularly for residents of the communities we serve who are otherwise unable to pay for medically necessary and generally available care.

Intermountain Healthcare owns and operates six community clinics (including five primary care clinics and one urgent care clinic) located in underserved areas that previously had lacked convenient access to care. The clinics provide convenient access to basic medical care, disease prevention and management resources, and other health services to better manage and improve health. The school-based clinics serve residents in surrounding neighborhoods, not just students who attend the schools. Intermountain also provides financial and in-kind support to 19 independent community clinics.

Assistance is provided on a sliding-fee scale that reflects an individual’s family size and income, available liquid assets, and total amount of medical bills. For those patients unable to pay for medical care, full financial assistance is available.

In 2013, Intermountain’s community and school-based clinics provided care in more than 23,000 visits. In addition, the independent community clinics that received support from Intermountain provided care in more than 302,000 visits, for a total of more than 325,000 clinic visits, during the year.

2013 Community Clinic Visits1

Community clinics provide services to uninsured, low-income, and homeless people, among others. The six community clinics listed below are owned and operated by Intermountain.

  2013 Visits 2012 Visits

(1) The number of visits for individual clinics may fluctuate from year to year due to a number of factors, including temporary variations in capacity.

Intermountain Cache Valley Clinic (Logan) 2,188 2,313
Intermountain Dixon Middle School Clinic (Provo) 2,196 2,122
Intermountain Neighborhood Clinic (Salt Lake City) 5,806 6,441
Intermountain North Temple Clinic (Salt Lake City) 9,185 9,447
Intermountain Pamela Atkinson Lincoln Elementary Clinic (Salt Lake City) 2,297 3,027
Intermountain Rose Park Elementary Clinic (Salt Lake City) 1,767 2,488
Totals 23,439 25,838

Independent Community Clinics Supported By Intermountain2

The 19 independent community clinics listed below receive financial and in-kind support from Intermountain.3

  2013 Visits 2012 Visits

(2) Clinic visit statistics were provided by the respective clinics.

(3) A significant percentage of Intermountain’s financial support of independent clinics is provided via the Intermountain Community Care Foundation.

(4) Data for 2012 visits are not available.

Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic (St. George) 10,079 11,000
Family Healthcare Clinic (Cedar City) 5,094 4,896
Family Healthcare Clinic (St. George) 15,543 16,205
Fourth Street Clinic (Salt Lake City) 24,388 24,550
Hope Clinic (Salt Lake City)4 6,987 -
James Madison School Clinic (Ogden) 3,535 3,983
Maliheh Clinic (Salt Lake City) 16,415 15,205
Midtown Community Health Center (Ogden) 68,177 68,191
Millcreek High Health Center (St. George) 4,614 4,565
Mountainlands Community Health Center (Payson) 4,763 5,302
Mountainlands Community Health Center (Provo) 34,464 30,702
Odyssey House Martindale Clinic (Salt Lake City) 1,357 462
People's Health Clinic (Park City) 9,462 9,499
Salt Lake City Community Health Center - 72nd Street (Salt Lake City, opened in 2013)4 12,799 -
Salt Lake City Community Health Center - Central City (Salt Lake City) 24,507 22,890
Salt Lake City Community Health Center - Oquirrh View (Salt Lake City) 26,514 27,124
Salt Lake City Community Health Center - Stephen Ratcliffe (Salt Lake City) 20,778 22,277
Utah Partners for Health (Salt Lake City) 8,824 8,592
Volunteer Care Clinic (Provo)4 3,836 -
Totals 302,136 275,443
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