Dimension of Care: Patient Engagement

LiVe Well

We promote lifelong health.

The Intermountain LiVe Well program has supported thousands of families and individuals in developing lifelong habits to improve health and wellness.

With dozens of programs, Intermountain LiVe Well is helping one person at a time Eat Well, Move Well, Feel Well, and Be Well. LiVe Well is not a diet. It’s not a boot camp. It’s not about the perfect body. It’s not a quick fix, a six-week program, a Band-Aid, or a fad. It’s a lifestyle, not a crash course. It’s about all the ways we can LiVe Well.

In 2013, more than 118,000 people visited the IntermountainLiVeWell.org website, and about 45,000 interacted on LiVe Well’s Facebook, YouTube, and other social media channels. More than 400 community residents and Intermountain employees joined the LiVe Well Bike Team at competitive or recreational events. The LiVe Well Just Jumpin’ jump rope team appeared at elementary schools and in halftime shows with all major Utah college basketball teams and the Utah Jazz. In addition, our 10,000 Steps program supported and rewarded Intermountain employees in making physical activity a priority. The LiVe Well theater troupe reached 18,000 students and teachers in 55 school assemblies.

Our Park Farther campaign encouraged people to choose parking stalls at greater walking distances from hospital buildings and local businesses. LiVe Well healthy recipes developed by Intermountain’s dietitians and chefs were featured on television newscasts, on our website, and in our hospital cafés. Dozens of new healthy offerings have been included in hospital vending machines. LiVe Well Centers in Salt Lake City, Park City, and St. George improved nutrition, mobility, and lifestyles for hundreds of patients. And hundreds of thousands of area residents repeatedly received LiVe Well messages through Intermountain advertising and text messages.

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