Piper McAlister is thriving at home with her family, following prompt intervention for a collapsed lung. Her physicians at two different Intermountain hospitals consulted via Teleservices to ensure she received the best possible care.

Enhancing patient care through Teleservices technology

Teleservices allow physicians to consult using real-time video, as well as other technologies that expand the possibilities for patient care.

Phillip and Misty McAlister tried for years to have children before their son Jack was born. They were thrilled two years later when they learned a second baby was on the way. The hardest part seemed over. However, Misty went into premature labor, and baby Piper was born four weeks early at Intermountain’s Valley View Medical Center in Cedar City.

Shortly after her birth, family medicine physician Steven Newman, MD, recognized Piper could be suffering from a collapsed lung. She would need to be transferred to Intermountain’s Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George for additional care. As her condition worsened, Dr. Newman knew an immediate intervention was needed to stabilize Piper for transport.

Using Intermountain’s new Teleservices system, Dr. Newman was able to communicate by video remote with neonatologist Patrick Carroll, MD, at Dixie Regional. Dr. Carroll watched and consulted with Dr. Newman in real time during the procedure to help ensure success. With the expertise of both doctors, Piper was safely transported to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at Dixie Regional, where she thrived and returned home within a few days.

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