Getting Vitamin D during the dead of winter

By John D Day MD

The noon-day sun is the number one source of our vitamin D. But in the dead of winter it's too cold to go outside, the sun is too low in the sky, and these inversions block out the sun's rays. As a heart rhythm specialist at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute, here's why vitamin D matters, and how you can get it during the winter season.​​​​

Heart Failure and the Intermountain Transplant Program

By Jen Nixon
PBS 20Special

Welcome to the Heart Failure and Transplant program blog. Our clinic resides in the Intermountain Heart Institute at Intermountain Medical Center. My name is Jen Nixon and together with one of my partners, Kismet Rasmusson, we are Nurse Practitioners responsible for program development for our Heart Failure/Transplant clinic.​

What is Heart Failure?

By Kismet Rasmusson

I thought we would start out with information to help you better understand what it means to have heart failure. Essentially, heart failure is a syndrome that occurs when the heart is either stiff, or weak. When either condition is present, symptoms develop that include fluid retention, shortness of breath, cough, activity intolerance and/or fatigue. Heart failure is diagnosed with imaging tests of the heart.