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Jumping rope is a heart-healthy activity

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When Nikki Ward, principal of St John the Baptist Elementary in Draper, signed on to the My Heart Challenge, she knew she needed to find additional ways to be active. What better way than jumping feet first into her school's jump rope team practice. Watch Nikki as she takes to the jump rope with the Skaggs Skippers to show how fun jumping rope can be.​​​​

Principal organizes Wacky Walk-a-thon to inspire others

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When Sally Sansom at East Midvale Elementary learned she would be part of the 2013 My Heart Challenge, she found ways to implement activity into already planned events. She added a Dr. Seuss-themed Wacky Walk-a-thon to her school's Read-a-thon and the results are very entertaining. Take a look.​

Artists Create Original Paintings for Breast Cancer Awareness

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Thirteen of Utah's renowned women artists joined together to create original works of art to celebrate the hope, strength and courage of those impacted by breast cancer. Each artist shared the inspiration behind her painting, ranging from a lost loved one to an inspiring survivor, in this video that conveys a strong community of survivors, caregivers, family members, friends, and neighbors who are there to support those fighting breast cancer.