A number of public and private programs are available to help patients who are unable to pay for medical treatment.

State Medicaid Programs

These state administered health insurance programs make state and federal funds available to qualifying patients to pay for medical care. Funds are available for patients with low incomes or with certain disabilities. The following programs are in or near Intermountain Healthcare's service area:

Additional Resources

Community Clinics

Many Utah clinics provide primary health care services to qualifying patients on a sliding-fee or charitable basis. These clinics are the most appropriate resource for non-emergency medical treatment.

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) benefits

If you are uninsured but have had health insurance coverage from a previous employer, you may still be able to obtain coverage for yourself and your family for a limited period of time. Contact your current or former employer for information. For details about COBRA, please contact the billing office of the facility where you received care.

Financial Assistance Program

Intermountain provides medically necessary and generally available healthcare to patients in our service area, regardless of ability to pay. For information about Intermountain's Financial Assistance Program, please call the billing office of any Intermountain facility and ask to speak with an Eligibility Counselor, or call our helpline at (801) 442-1128, or toll free at 1-800-442-1128.

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