The Intermountain School & Community Clinics got their start in 1998 with a group of community leaders in the Rose Park/Glendale area working with Intermountain representatives to establish a health care clinic in the 84104 zip code where there were no doctors or hospitals.  Through this community effort, Intermountain has established school-based and community clinics that are part of the Community Benefit Department.

Community Clinics

The community clinics established by Intermountain are self-supporting clinics owned and operated by Intermountain.  The North Temple Clinic is an urgent care facility that serves the local community and also referrals from homeless service providers.  The intent of this urgent care facility is to provide a care alternative to the hospital emergency room, thus providing a cost-savings to the hospital and a local connection for the community.

School-based Clinics

The school-based clinics are funded by the Intermountain Healthcare Foundation.  Working in conjunction with the school district where the clinic is located, a partnership for care was developed where the school district provides space and Intermountain establishes the clinic.  Parents and family members of the students who attend the school, along with residents from the surrounding neighborhood, are the patrons of the clinic.

Intermountain school and community clinics are staffed by family nurse practitioners, registered nurses, office personnel and volunteer physicians.  Bilingual staff is available at each of the clinics.

If you have questions regarding Intermountain's school and community clinics contact:

Terry Foust
Community Benefit Department
Phone: (801) 442-3029

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