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Philanthropy at Work

Philanthropy plays a very important role in helping hospitals do the most good for those communities they serve. Philanthropic gifts provide the necessary financial support to improve the patient experience in our hospitals. Through support of research, programs, education, technology, and charity care, we are able to provide excellent medical care in the most efficient, cost effective manner. Your gift to the Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation, formerly The Deseret Foundation, is an investment in medical progress.

Research Projects

Research is the gateway to new, innovative ideas and treatments. Philanthropy is the catalyst for medical research by supporting additional staff, equipment, costs of experiments and allowing our facilities to retain top researchers.

Department Programs

The Common Bonds program has been a successful, ongoing program in our Neonatal Intensive Care Units for ten years. This program pairs up families with babies currently receiving care in the NICU, with families who have had a similar experience.

Grants provided, in partnership, from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation, formerly the Deseret Foundation, help provide mammograms for low-income individuals in the community. Preventive measures, such as mammograms, in many cases, can mean the difference between life and death. Many families are unable to afford this level of elementary care. Funds to support these low-income women to receive mammograms are directly responsible for saving lives.

Teaching our youth to eat healthy and stay active, in a fun atmosphere, the BEST Youth program hopes to teach healthy lifestyles to those who are young in order to assist in the development of a lifetime of health.


Each of our hospitals is outfitted with a Community Health Information Center (CHIC). This education center is equipped with the latest technology, books, and anatomical models to help patients learn about and take control of their health.

With the many advancements taking place every day in healthcare through medical research, it is important that our staff be aware of and is well-versed in these changes. By attending conferences, our employees can provide top-notch care to each of our patients.

Technology and Equipment

The Intermountain Research and Medical Foundation, formerly The Deseret Foundation, is committed to providing the best care possible to our patients. One way we can ensure excellence in care is through the purchase of new medical equipment and technology. As medical advancements are made, Intermountain Healthcare is able to provide the best care possible with the assistance of quality equipment.